The main objective of CytReD (Cytokine Receptor Database) is to provide an user-friendly access for a quick review of the cytokine receptors, of their ligands, of their involvement in diseases and of their use in clinical treatments.In particular, CytReD can be used by researchers as well as physicians and clinicians to identify what cytokines are reported in the literature as significant in a given disease and in its clinical treatment.

CytReD is part of a broader project aimed to develop tools and portals able to be useful supports for a reliable predictive medicine. In fact, CytReD is also correlated with Clinical Data Mining Software (CDMS) that was recently developed in our research group to collect cytokine profiles evaluated both on healthy subjects and on patients by multiplex immunoassays and annotated with their clinical and laboratory story.

The user can search in CytReD by selecting “Cytokine Receptor Name”, “Ligands”, “Cytokine Family” or “Disease”: